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For individuals, couples and families

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I aim to be as accessible as possible by working from local clinics near to my clients. Currently I'm seeing clients in Howick, Ellerslie, Takanini, Pukekohe, Waiuki and Remuera. 

I also offer online sessions for clients across New Zealand and internationally.

Couples/Relationship Counselling

Saving and enriching relationships

For relationships troubled or on the brink, I help couples re-connect and improve their communication to restore their relationship. From new relationships to couples who need to rekindle their passion I work with you to improve the quality of your lives together.
Specialist marriage and relationship counselling, including same sex relationships
Relationship communication coaching
Pre-relationship and pre-marital counselling
Separation counselling – to attain the best possible outcomes
Blended family support
Mediation for disputes in relationship property, separation or care of children

Couselling for Individuals

Things can hit us in life which cut deep – leading to troubled or crippled emotions and behaviour. Let me ease the pain, worry and struggle. We’ll look together at underlying issues and find keys to resolve them and move on to more confident fruitful living. We can also build personal growth and maturity, enabling you to reach greater heights in your life.

Areas include:

Emotional Support
Anxiety & Depression
Burnout prevention & recovery
Gender identity
Sexuality issues
Grief and loss, including pets
Anger management
Personal Development
Self-esteem & Confidence
Relationships & Life skills
Professional mentoring
Living with Illness
Chronic disease
Breast Cancer (BCFNZ)
Workplace Relationships & Dynamics
I also provide Faster EFT tapping which helps trauma, grief, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, addictions and most other issues.

Family Mediation

Overcoming conflicts to become a happy team. Family relationships can be complex. After hearing everyone’s point of view, I’ll identify key issues for each person and offer solutions so you can together reach better communication, peace and family enjoyment. 

Areas include:
Disputes & Conflict
Parenting issues

Employee Assistance Programme

Employer funded counselling
If you or your partner have an employer with an EAP programme (Employee Assistance Programme) you should be eligible for free counselling. To find out if you have an EAP programme you can ask your manager, human resources advisor, health and safety representative or occupational health advisor or look in your staff handbook, noticeboard or intranet.
PATHA Transgender Health Therapist Aotearoa New Zealand
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Energy Psychology

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Please call or email anytime. I will get back to you as soon as I am able, in most circumstances within two hours.
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